The physical and emotional impact that trauma can have on the patient, as well as their friends and family, can be huge. Guardian Hospital is one of the select few hospitals in Jalandhar to have a comprehensive Emergency & Trauma Care for patients. Trauma occurs suddenly, with no warning, leaving patients no time to prepare, potentially forever changing the lives of the patient and their family.

Orthopedic trauma: is a special branch of orthopaedic surgery specializing in problems related to the bones, the joints, and the soft tissues (namely muscles, tendons, and ligaments) or the entire body following a recent trauma. The main aim of this specialized area in the field of orthopedics is the resetting and healing of the fractured alignment of the joint and its surfaces to allow for recovery and return to maximum movement and function.

Treatment options: All fractures do not require special care, certain complex fractures may always benefit from care provided by a trauma specialist. Our Guardian Hospital is using leading and cutting- edge surgical techniques in the treatment of trauma patients such as minimally invasive surgery, advanced external fixation, and procedures such as the bone graft or bone protein therapy.

Nonsurgical treatment of trauma injuries: Some fractures and dislocations such as the clavicle, scapula, humerus, wrist, hand, and foot, can be treated without the need for an operation. Depending on the severity and intensity of the fracture the physician may treat the injury without the need for surgery using the external fixation method. This method usually involves the use of splints, casts, braces, and other devices on the outside of the injury to stabilize and repair the fractured portion of the bone.

Surgical treatment of trauma injuries: In a surgery, a physician usually performs surgery to place pins or wires or screws, and plates of the bone to repair the fracture at the damaged area as the situation demands. Severe injuries may require more complex surgeries such as bone grafting, limb lengthening, and complex reconstruction procedures

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